VLORP game and vlorp.io website Privacy Policy

This privacy policy ("policy") will help you understand how Lemmy Adam LLC (“we”, “our”, “us”) uses and protects the data you provide to us when you visit vlorp.io and play VLORP the game. While we have prepared this policy in good faith and to the best of our knowledge and ability, it is possible that it contains errors. This is a living document and will change as the needs of VLORP the game and the vlorp.io website change. We will make efforts to notify our users of changes to this policy, however, checking this document is the best way to insure your information is up to date.

What User Data We Collect and Why

Public Game Room Server

When you play VLORP you are authenticated via either the Steam or Itch.io desktop apps. We use this authentication to verify that you are a real and unique user. From Steam, we receive your 64-bit SteamID. From Itch.io, we receive your user’s public profile data (exact fields returned can be found here: https://itch.io/docs/api/serverside#reference/profileme-httpsitchioapi1keyme). Your Itch.io or Steam user ID is used as a unique identifier for the public list of game rooms. We do not save any of this information anywhere. This data is only ever used by our public list server API and is automatically cleared once a day.

Epic Online Services (EOS)

VLORP relies on Epic Online Services to establish peer to peer connections. EOS assigns a user product ID to your machine. That ID is sent to the VLORP public game room server when you create a listed room. It is then pulled down as part of that room server list and used by other players to join your game. While we don’t show this ID to other players in the user interface, it does exist in the game’s code and you should assume other players can access it. Beyond this user product ID, VLORP also uses EOS for game analytics. We use this as a general metric to see how well the game is doing.

You can see more about what data is tracked through the EOS as well as what data is used by EOS to establish peer to peer connections here:

Beta Signup Form

As part of our beta program we collect certain user data. In general, we want to allow you to remain completely anonymous to other players and to us when playing VLORP. However, in order to distribute game keys and receive player feedback, we need to know certain things about you. The beta program is completely voluntary. If you want to play VLORP in the most anonymous fashion possible, you’ll have to wait until the game goes up for sale. We collect the following fields as part of the beta application "Full Discord Username", “Email”, “Name”, “Region (geographical location)”, “Preferred platform”, “What makes you a good beta tester?”. We will likely hold onto this data indefinitely, as we want to remember who our beta testers were. If you’d like us to remove you from this list, please reach out and we will make that happen.

Data Protection

We will keep your data secured to the best of our ability. We do not share your data with anyone except where deemed necessary and explicitly stated in this policy.


If you have any questions about this policy join the VLORP discord server (https://discord.gg/65MDMeb7qX) and mention that you have a question about the privacy policy in the #askdev channel and someone will direct message you from there. You are also welcome to ask your question in that channel directly, if you’re comfortable.

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